The following is a sample of cases Attorney Arthur L. Kelly has handled over the last 10+ years.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.  I have provided a sampling of my representation of Clients for the past several years.  I hope these ‘case summaries’ and my overall record provide you with an understanding of how I have worked diligently to archive the best outcome for my Clients over the past 38 years.
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Arthur L. Kelly 4/26/2023

RESULTS OF THE LAST 118 out of 127 O.U.I. Trials and ‘other’ Criminal Bench or Jury Trails or Clerk Magistrate Hearings – NOT GUILTY OR DISMISSED !

2023 Case Summaries

April 6, 2023
Concord District Court
No. 2147 CR 1445

Client, 47 year-old father, husband and successful construction project developer was driving to his vacation home alone at approximately noon time on a cold December day, 2021. He was heading northbound on Rte. 95 when a State Trooper activated his overhead ‘lights’ and effectuated the stop of his MV. He produced his license and registration without difficulty, was polite and consented to ‘field sobriety testing’ [ never a good idea ]. The Trooper felt he did not properly perform the tests. However, the Trooper failed to smell any odor of alcohol emanating from the Client. It appears the Trooper was unsure initially as to whether the Client was actually operating under the influence of alcohol ( OUI ). As such he contacted several other Troopers to ‘weigh in on the decision’ to arrest for him for OUI or not.

The result, the Client was arrested for a marked lane violation and OUI. A number of hearings are scheduled, including a Motions to Suppress certain statement(s), reports, body cam video(s), etc. Attorney Kelly is successful before the Court relative to the aforementioned. On this day, a trial is held before the sitting Justice, and after extensive cross-examination of the arresting Trooper and closing argument by Atty. Kelly, the Client is found NOT GUILTY OF OUI.


March 22, 2023
Middlesex Superior Court
No. 1981 CR 73

Client, 43 year-old father, husband was driving home in June 2018, from a concert at TD Bank Garden in Boston, MA. He had consumed several beers during the evening and apparently fell asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle ( MV#1 ) as it was traveling on a major highway. His MV eventually collided with the rear of another, resulting in MV#2 spinning out of control in coming to rest in the brake down lane. A short time later MV#3 operating at a high rate of speed struck MV#1 and then proceeded to drive in the ‘brake down lane’ and T-Boning MV#2 on the driver’s side, causing the death of the victim. Mass. State Police respond, Client arrested and subsequently indicted on OUI Felony Motor Vehicle Homicide and Driving to Endanger ( a conviction on the OUI Felony charge carries a mandatory prison sentence ). Prior to this incident, the Client had no prior criminal record and spotless driving record.

On this day, after countless court hearings and discussion(s) with the prosecutor(s) involved in this case, a resolution was finalized this day. The Client pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor ‘prong’ of the OUI MV Homicide charge and guilty as to the Driving to Endanger – he was placed on probation for 5 years with conditions. As a result, he avoided incarceration and a felony condition.


February 27, 2023
Wareham District Court
No. 2160 CR 813

Client, 31-year old male is arrested in a ‘sting operation’ ( attempting to engage in sexual activities with a minor ). The Client utilized a web site that claimed all users were over the age of 18. Law enforcement communicated with the Client several times over a few weeks ( claiming that the ‘individual’ was over 18 ). Once the Client agreed to meet for sexual activity ( at the last moment, the undercover police officer stated ‘she’ was under 16 ). The Client drove to a designated parking lot and was summarily arrested. He was charged with providing a minor with obscene material and enticing a child under 16. The Prosecutor Dismissed the Obscene charge because it lacked no factual or legal basis to the support the charge. Relative to the Enticing charge, the Client was a given CWOF [ continuance w/o a finding for 2 years } after the successful completion of Probation his case will be dismissed. At this point he has avoided a conviction and the requirement to register with Sex Offender Registry Board.


February 7, 2023
Newburyport District Court
No. 2222 CR 1501

Client, 55-year old male, self employed successful businessman is charged with A&B upon his girlfriend. He has prior criminal record. The Client denies ANY physical contact with her during a verbal argument at his home. She calls 911, of course he is arrested and an eventual trial date is set. She hires an attorney who represents to the Court that the GF has a 5th Amendment Right that she wishes to invoke. After a colloquy by the judge with the GF – the Court DISMISSES the Criminal Complaint upon motion by Atty. Kelly.


January 18, 2023
Concord District Court
Criminal Clerk’s Hearing
No. 2247 AC 1642

Client, 20-year old male, with no criminal record is charged with ‘ leaving the scene after causing property damage ’. Apparently the motor vehicle he was driving left the roadway and struck a utility pole causing extensive damage. Fortunately he or no one else was injured. He apparently ran from the site and did not report the accident. He is eventually charged by the police based on eyewitness testimony and items belonging to him that were left in the car. His parents hire Atty. Kelly who convinces the Clerk Magistrate this day that he ‘deserves a second chance’ and not to issue the criminal complaint. The Magistrate agrees and leaves the ‘matter’ open for 3 months. At the successful conclusion of this period of time – his case will not be entered in the Criminal Court Session.


January 13, 2023
Milford District Court
No. 2266 CR 776

Client, 44-year old male is charged with assaulting hospital staff and his eventually arraigned on several counts of assault and battery. Attorney Kelly is retained and arranges for the Client to undergo a mental health evaluation. A psychiatrist opines that the Client must now continue to stay compliant with newly prescribed medication and counseling ( that was not previously diagnosed or provided ). As a result, he is placed upon ‘Pre-Trial Probation’ by the Court whereby he must continually follow the aforementioned for a year. At the successful conclusion of same – his case will be DISMISSED with no prosecution.


January 11, 2023
Natick District Court
No. 2187 CR 286

Client, 26-year old male is charged with Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon ( a felony ). It was alleged that the Client cut a portion of women’s hair with a pair of scissors during a sex act. The ‘victim’ was not aware of the hair cutting until the next day. She reports this to the police 8 months after the incident. The case finally goes to trial this day and the Client is found Guilty of Assault and Battery only ( a misdemeanor ). NOT GUILTY OF A&B /DW. He is placed on probation and ordered to seek counseling.